Woodland School

All children attending the Centre are encouraged to take part in a wide range of learning activities that are organised outside on the farm and in our Woodland sites.

The Nursery and Pre School children enjoy at least half a day weekly at Woodland School under the leadership of a trained Forest School Leader and all children in the Toddler Department and Baby Care enjoy regular Eco Club excursions out of doors in the woods or fields and daily excursions outside to enjoy both Farm and Gardens.


Regular excursions out of doors and to the woods enable children to:

  • Marvel at the wonder of our natural world
  • Learn first hand about creatures and plants in the natural world
  • Have fun and get dirty whilst they play and learn
  • Climb trees and make dens and bridges
  • Learn how to use tools and ropes and design structures
  • Cooperate and socialise with others
  • Use fire safely to cook and to sing around the campfire
  • Develop confidence and personal responsibility
  • Take risks and learn from their own mistakes
  • Learn basic survival skills and safety rules
  • Develop self esteem and self confidence
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Understand wild life, the seasons, ecological and conservation issues
  • Have fun, explore, discover and learn from nature
  • Enjoy learning in a classroom without walls
  • Be free from the restrictions of an indoor environment



Woodland School will be an integrated part of the daily Early Years Learning Programme at Worcester Early Years Centre. Much of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum can be learnt during these regular outdoor sessions and the children often look forward to them as the highlight of their week.

We are also able to offer Woodland School as part of the After School and Holiday Care activities. We are also delighted to be able to offer this learning opportunity to outside groups who visit the Centre (see Visiting Groups Section).

Life at Worcester Early Years Centre will be exciting and fun and every day will be an adventure for the children attending. How swiftly they learn to spread their wings and fly, fulfilling their potential and enjoying their precious childhood days to the full.