Parents Testimonials

Alice Bennett testimonials

To whom it may concern,
In my role as a governor at the Chase School of Excellence in Malvern, I was privileged to attend their awards evening last Friday and to listen to their excellent speaker, Mrs Alice Bennett, MBE.

It was truly inspirational. She spoke mainly about her work with young children, but what she said and the message delivered to the Chase Students will undoubtedly have a positive long term benefit for them and perhaps their future offspring! I particularly liked her appreciation of the fact that children learn a great deal about life and how to behave before the age of three. It is good to know that appreciation of her work has been recognised by the awarding of the MBE.

I wish I could have recorded her talk on video, however I was not prepared. It is essential that a recording describing her work is made. Even if it is not possible to video the pre school children, I do hope an interview with her that shows and describes the building of the new school can be recorded.

Kind Regards,
Mr Paul Hartwright,
Governor of the Chase School of Excellence

Barn Owl Letters

Dear Mrs Bennett,
We wanted to give you a littler note to thank you for all the wonderful memories over the past 2 years. We couldn’t have dreamed for a more lovely environment for Mollie to start her early years in. Your staff are magnificent, your setting just beautiful. Your energy and enthusiasm infectious. I genuinely can’t wait for our next one to start!
Thank you

Dear Mrs Bennett,
I am just about to set off to collect Lucy from her last day at Holiday Playscheme, so thought it a good moment to thank you once again for the wonderful start that the Centre has given her. I also wanted to say how excellent the Leavers Assembly was – just the right tone and a lovely occasion so well done! She is more than ready for school but I am sure she will be excited to come back and visit (which of course will be very open whilst Megan is still with you!!). I have written to all staff connected to both girls, but you do a marvellous job at the helm.

Dear Alice
Thank you so much for the wonderful experiences and memories Jessica takes away with her from the Centre today. I feel very happy and content in knowing Jessica has received the very best early years education and opportunities to grow and develop in to the bright and happy little girl she is today. Thank you once again for all you do.

Dear Mrs Bennett

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the fabulous facility and culture you have created and sustain. Both our children have loved coming to what we all feel is the best nursery in the country. I wish you all the best in the future with your expansion plans.

Dear Barn Owl Team
Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for looking after and guiding William over the last year. He has had a superb year as a Barn Owl and we feel he is well ready for school as a result, and for all the other challenges that will come his way!

When I chatted to him about whether he would like to buy you all a thank you gift, his response quite amazed me and made my heart swell – William said, (with only a slight pause of thought) ‘Mummy, I would really like to buy something like a game for the new Barn Owls starting in September – I think they would really enjoy playing with something an old Barn Owl had left them – what do you think Mummy?’ With a tear in my eye I said that I thought that was an excellent idea and one that Veronica would be really pleased with!!! His thoughtfulness for others is something that has flourished this year – no doubt due to the ethos at the Centre and constant hard work!

It is the end of an era as William moves onwards and upwards, and we can only hope that Richard follows William in his love for the Centre and his daily enjoyment of all the amazing things you wonderful lot do for these children. It means such a lot that, as parents, we know our children will be loved by you and enjoy some of the best times of their formative years.

Dear Mrs Bennett and Barn Owl team and all other staff at The Centre who have played a part in providing our little Beth with undoubtedly the best possible care and experience she could have had over the last two and a half years. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done, we are forever grateful.

To all the staff at The Centre
Thank you for helping Philippa become the confident and talented little girl that she is, thank you for supporting her and encouraging her to thrive. Thank you for helping Philippa settle in and support her through a quite difficult time of moving homes, nurseries and having a new member to our family. Thank you for seeing her potential and helping her in so many ways. I really am so thankful to you Veronica and I know my daughter has a special place in her heart for you. We will both miss you and your positive attitude. I hope one day I can find you when Philippa is grown up and on the stage and thank you for starting her in the right direction in her early years. What wonderful teacher you are!!

If only she could have had a few more years with you. Thank you again for all of your support. You really are an inspiration. Good Luck in the future and I will make sure Philippa always remember you.

To all Barn Owls
I would like to say a ‘huge’ thank you for the time, effort and support you have given to Millie over the past year. We know that the dedication you all put in to running Barn Owls far exceeds the typical 9-5 and this is truly appreciated by us. It has been both comforting and with pleasure we see how confident and at ease Millie has become within what she sees as her ‘second home’; Madresfield.

Although we can rarely prize from Millie what her day has entailed, we can tell she is wonderfully happy here. It is with a genuine tear in our eye that she leaves your kind supportive arms, but, we know that she cannot be any better prepared for the next chapter in her life -‘big school’. To do what you do day in day out for our most precious children makes you very special people.

Robins Letters

To All the Nursery Staff
Thank you so much for all you care in looking after Joanne she has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Nursery and previously Ducklings and the Baby Unit. We couldn’t think of a better place for her to grow through her early years and we have always had confidence in your care and support. Despite being one of the youngest in her school year we are sure we have set her up well to face her next adventure. This is to huge thanks to yourselves we are eternally grateful.

Dear Nursery Staff
Thank you so much for all your care and kindness to Abigail. She really is a very lucky girl to be looked after by you all.

To all Nursery Staff
Thank you so much for all the support guidance and love that you have shown Thomas during his time in Nursery. He has blossomed in your care becoming confident and happy but also gentle and often tells us what is what in terms of right and wrong. He has loved the amazing experiences and opportunities you have given him. He will miss you all very much.

To all the lovely ladies in Nursery
Thank you all for your hard work, kind words and providing such a lovely place for the children. The progress we have seen from Natalie has been amazing and we truly appreciate the work that goes into making The Centre so special. We hope you have a lovely break and a well deserved rest.

To All the staff at Nursery
I want to say a ‘BIG THANK YOU’ for creating such a perfect environment that has helped me to progress and build confidence and understanding and develop and grow into the bigger boy I am today! I’ve had an amazing time and will miss you all. Simon

Judith is a sweet and patient woman and I always see her giving a helping hand when the Ducklings need help.

Creche Letters

Dear Creche Ladies
Thank you so much for looking after Jonathan for the past year. He really has enjoyed himself so much in the Creche and will miss you all very much. Thanks again for your hard work and accommodating Jonathan for extra hours when I got ill.

Dear Creche
Thank you for being so wonderfully caring supportive, Emily has grown and developed so much since joining, and that’s a big thanks to you. We hope you have a lovely relaxing holiday.

Ducklings Letters

Dear Ducklings
Thank you so much for all you have done for Sam, he has had a great time, learnt so much and made some great friendships and memories he will take with him.

Dear Duckling Girls
Thank you all so much for the amazing time and support you have given Ella during her time in Ducklings. She is going to miss you so much! Will pop our heads in every now and then. Thanks again.

To all the Fabulous Duckling ladies
Thank you so much for your constant care and support with Johnny over the past year. He has come on in leaps and bounds and that is testament to all the fantastic effort you put in with him when he is with you on a weekly basis. He will miss you all terribly when he moves to nursery so please do still give him a cuddle when you see him! Many thanks again.

To all the wonderful girls in the Duckling Room
We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for looking after Lydia so well and making sure she has a fabulous experience every day at nursery! Lydia has grown in confidence and ability so much since she has been attending The Centre and is growing into a lovely girl with manners and a caring nature and we believe you girls have played a large role in shaping that character!

Julie is always very caring and interested in what the children are doing and feeling. She is a great communicator and lets parents know how the children are and what they’ve done.

Julie always finds time to talk about the children. She is always very active and occupies the children.

Baby Care Letters

Dear Baby Care Team
As the end of Matthew’s first term approaches we just wanted to say a huge thank you for looking after, nurturing and loving our boy in our absence! He loves coming, and we leave him with you knowing that we will have a fabulous day and be encouraged to develop in his own way. We trust you and your judgement and know he is in safe and caring hands – thank you!!

To Baby Care Staff – THANK YOU
We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing care you provide. Katie has thrived in Baby Care from day one. I’m sure she will continue to do so in Ducklings, and the support you have provided her to make the transition has been great. We would not hesitate in recommending the Baby Care unit to anyone. We couldn’t have been happier with Katie’s childcare over the last year. We’ll hopefully see you around and about the Centre.

Dear Tina, Helen, Laurie and all the fabulous ladies of the Baby Unit
I can’t believe that there will be no more baby Roberts gracing Baby Unit’s doors once Jack moves to Ducklings! You have been instrumental in the upbringing of both my boys and I cannot thank you all enough for loving them as if they were your own. You all go the extra mile as a matter of cause on a daily basis and that is why as a parent I have happily entrusted you with the care of my children. Your professionalism, experience and canny advice has been worth every penny – I shall be so sad not to see you regularly again BUT THANK YOU for absolutely everything!

To Everyone at Baby Care
Jonathan and I would like to say a huge thank you for everything that you have done for Richard over this past term. We have been thrilled to see how well he has settled in and continue to be amazed by how he is developing and all that he is learning from you. We have been truly touched by the warm and supportive environment that you all have created within Baby Care and it has been a pleasure to watch Richard enjoying nursery so much! Thank you for all that you have shared with our son, for easing us all through the transition and for all your hard work – it is truly appreciated! We wish you all a fantastic Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Warmest Wishes

WEYC Testimonials

The Catering Team have taken great care and attention whilst we have being trying to identify my baby son’s food allergies and eczema triggers. Their compassion and care has been wonderful. I really do appreciate the extra effort and work it has created in the kitchen. Thank you.

When we moved our child from Madresfield we felt the new centre would have a lot to live up to. The facilities are wonderful, but what is really important is to have excellent staff to nurture and care for the children and that has definitely been achieved. I’m really pleased with how things are going and both children seem to love it.