The Barn Own room

Welcome to the Barn Owl Pre School Room where a team of dedicated teachers and their assistants support children to reach out and fulfil their potential and prepare them for their transition to Primary Schooling.

Children are guided through the Early Years Foundation Stage Programme as well as exploring a rich and full programme of outdoor and physical activities. This department was judged as outstanding and is under the daily management of 2 very experienced Early Years Teachers both holding PGCE status and SEDNDO support.


The Barn Owl Department is


  • For children aged Rising 4 to 5 years
  • Open 7.00am – 6.00pm daily with an Early Bird option from 7am
  • Minimum attendance requirement: 7 hour session daily over at least 3 days per week for continuity of learning
  • Fully registered for Government Funding of 15 universal hours and also 30 hours if qualifying criteria is met
  • Flexible payment options
  • Monthly Invoicing
  • Outstanding Staff Team including graduate teachers, Early Years Professionals and fully qualified Support Staff
  • Specialist Staff for PE, Gymnastics, Music, Woodland School and Cookery
  • Daily home made farmhouse meals and snacks
  • Superb facilities indoors and outdoors
  • Exciting and broad Foundation Stage Curriculum
  • Key Person activities daily, tailor made for your child’s needs and progress
  • Flexible choice of payment options
  • Excellent staffing ratio of at least 1:6
  • Parental involvement welcome
  • Excellent record keeping and on-going communication with parents via Tapestry system
  • Excellent links with Primary Schools and local reception teachers
  • Outstanding Ofsted judgement

When children are judged to be individually ready they are invited to move from the Robin Room of the Nursery into the Pre School Department, known as the Barn Owl room where fully qualified and well experienced Early Years Teachers and their Assistants will continue to educate children in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage Programme. The Centre is fully registered with Worcestershire Education Authority and receives Nursery Education Funding (NEF) for all 3 and 4 year old children. Each child is entitled to 15 funded hours of Universal 30 hours extended funding can also be claimed if the qualifying criteria is met by parents. This must be spread over at least 3 days.

Under careful and skilful supervision, children in the Barn Owl Group are guided through more structured activities in well resourced classroom areas. Through our individual Key Person system, children are given individual help as they are introduced to reading and writing skills and number concepts. Small intimate groups encourage children to develop their speaking and listening skills and to build up confidence and self esteem. The curriculum is carefully planned to be appropriate to each child’s individual needs, interests and stage of development. With careful guidance in the Foundation Skills and well presented project work children discover that learning is not a burden imposed by adults, but an exciting expression of their own instinctive attempts to explore and make sense of their world. We aim to carefully nurture and develop this positive attitude to learning which provides an essential ingredient for success and happiness in school and in life generally.


Specialist Staff teach the children for cookery and PE and the outdoor farm environment offers endless possibilities to extend children’s learning, language and understand of the world around them. Regular Forest School excursions into the nearby Woodlands enables all children to be knowledgeable, skilful and confident regarding their rural environment. They will experience campfires and agility tasks that will support them in managing risks and team building skills. Children will also be involved in our exciting calendar of events and will take part in festivals, concerts, nativity plays, drama and visits to the Farm. The list of possible activities is endless and we try and involve children in any event that is going on in the local community. Children will also enjoy visiting the local Primary Schools to experience time at ‘big’ school which supports their eventual transition into a Primary School Reception Class.

The Barn Owl Room welcomes the full involvement of the parents. From daily communication to helping with cookery, stories or visits, our aim is to keep parents as fully informed as possible about daily events and each child’s individual progress. Detailed records are shared with parents via the excellent Tapestry system where script, photos and videos can be relayed with ease. Much communication is also sent via the school-home email system known as ‘Connect Mail’ which all parents are invited to join to keep in touch with events at the centre.

There is an abundance of research which shows that lifetime attitudes to learning are set in these vital early years, at a time when children’s innate exploratory drive needs to be stimulated, encouraged and supported by caring, responsive and highly skilled adults.

This is the task we have set ourselves and there is little doubt that children from Worcester Early Years Centre will be at a decided advantage when they enter mainstream school as a result of their experiences with us and favourable ratios and the individual attention each child receives.

Our at Worcester is proud of its outstanding reputation and Ofsted grading and the excellent feedback.  We invite you to become part of this exciting Centre at Worcester, so that you and your children can become part of this valuable and enriching process.