The Robin Room

Welcome to the Nursery Department at Worcester Early Years Centre, known as The Robin Room.

This is an exciting place where children’s interests are nurtured through play and skilled staff inspire children’s learning and change their lives, day after day. an exciting and varied range of learning opportunities motivates children to explore and use their curiosity as they discover the world around them. Encouraging children’s increasing vocabulary and developing a positive attitude  to learning is very important at this vital stage of their development. Learning in a secure friendly and fun based environment is crucial for their happiness and success, staff endeavour to ensure every child’s talents are discovered and extended as they spread their wings and develop their personalities.

  • For children aged rising 3 to 4 years
  • Open 8.00am to 6.00pm daily all year round with an Early Bird option from 7am
  • Minimum 7 hour session, 2 sessions weekly
  • Rich and exciting Early Years Foundation Stage Programme
  • Superb facilities indoors and outdoors
  • This department was judged as outstanding by Ofsted
  • Well qualified and experienced Staff Team
  • Specialist PE, music, cookery and Woodland Staff
  • Farmhouse meals cooked and served on a daily basis
  • Dietary needs skilfully catered for
  • No retainers during the school holidays
  • Staff ratio of at least 1 staff member to 6 children
  • Excellent records, feedback, reports and Key Person Systems
  • Fully registered for Government Funding (up to 15 hours weekly)
  • Universal upto 15 hours plus extended upto 30 hours weekly
  • Regular Forest School Sessions
  • Extensive outdoor facilities and pet care

The Robin Room is open from 7.00am to 6.00pm daily,  and welcomes children from Rising 3 years. Children usually join the Nursery when they are toilet trained, but nappy changing facilities are available for children with special needs. Children can attend the Nursery on days most appropriate to their needs and parental wishes. Experience has proved that children settle and progress much faster if they attend at least 2 sessions weekly, and this is encouraged from the start. A carefully planned admissions procedure ensures that each child is carefully introduced and guided during their important early days at the Nursery when parental support is always encouraged.

Children are welcomed into to small ‘family’ groups for part of each session where they can more easily relate to friends and familiar adults, enabling feelings of security, identity and self-esteem to be nurtured from the very start. The unique farm themed behavioural management programme, which has been designed by senior staff and is based on farm animals and their unique personalities is a tremendous advantage to child development, proving very popular. Information packs are available to parents and a mural in the nest explains the principles to visitors to our centre.


The Robin Room principles

A committed team of enthusiastic, caring and professional staff guide children through a wide range of learning situations. The spacious and well-resourced building enables small groups of children to be simultaneously involved in a variety of learning activities both indoors and outside. Children are guided from one activity to another by staff who understand the significance and value of play and talk as fundamental ingredients of learning. The routines of The Robin Room are guided by the following principles:

  • Early childhood is the foundation on which children build the rest of their lives; it is not just a preparation for the next stage. It is vitally important in itself
  • Children develop emotionally, intellectually, morally, physically, spiritually and socially, and at differing rates. All aspects of development are equally important and are interwoven
  • Children learn from everything that happens to them and do not separate their learning into subjects
  • Children learn most effectively by doing rather than by being told or watching others
  • Children learn most effectively when they are actively involved and interested
  • Children need time and space to produce work of quality and depth
  • What children can do rather than what they cannot do are the starting points of learning
  • Playing and talking are the main ways in which young children learn about themselves and the world around them
  • Children who feel confident in themselves and their own ability have a head start to learning
  • Children who are encouraged to think for themselves are more likely to act independently
  • All children have abilities and talents which should be identified and promoted
  • The relationships which children establish with adults and other children are of central importance in their development, confidence and progress

The layout and management of the Robin Room reflect these principles and provide a happy and stimulating environment where children can develop skills and self-confidence as they progress through a broad, balanced and carefully planned curriculum. Many of the Centre’s Staff work for long days which provides children with continuity and stability in relationships and educational progress. Staff are well qualified and many of them are mature and well experienced parents, and even grandparents!

The Nursery is fully registered for Government Funding and exceeds all the requirements for the delivery of the Early Years Foundation Stage Programme. All children are entitled to receive up to 15 hours weekly and if parents working patterns and income limits comply the extended entitlement of 30 hours weekly also applies. This Government funding is stretched over the 50 weeks of opening to give parents a regular monthly income for stretched payments.

Children enjoy an exciting weekly programme of learning activities and play. The balance of adult directed learning activities and child led play opportunities is carefully maintained ensuring that children’s individual developmental needs are carefully supported and guided. Careful observations of children’s progress are documented so that Key Persons plan for future development. Particular interests and talents of children are encouraged and developed and Key Persons also sensitively support any areas of particular needs. In accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage. Social and emotional development and language skills are particularly nurtured and encouraged. Constant liaison with parents via the online Tapestry system records include much visual evidence  of photographs and videos.


A typical day in The Robin Room might include, feeding the pets, cooking, puppet play, dressing up, construction activities, pretend play with friends, drama or PE in the Hall, gardening, a walk on the farm, or to the Yurts or riverside and possibly even a trip to see the Vets or visit the Builders Yard or Ice Cream Factory on site. The list is endless and children always have choice, as well as opportunities to sleep or just to sit quietly with a story if this is what they need.

The Centre runs an exciting calendar of events and Nursery children will be fully involved in the assemblies and festivals in the Hall. They will enjoy visitors who come to talk and give demonstrations on a range of interesting topics. Children thrive on this wide and varied programme and throughout all their learning they are supported and guided by their Key Persons and experienced, specialist staff.

We welcome the involvement of parents in all of our activities, but we also understand the importance of releasing parents to see to other commitments. Staff fully understand the importance of parents departing on time and with complete peace of mind, before they go. Staff also understand the need for children to have routine and quiet times in the day for rest or stories and 1:1 talk and individual reflection.

The Nursery is a busy, happy and friendly place where all children and adults are welcome and valued. A respect for property, place and persons is encouraged for all and we aim for our children to be known for their good manners and kind and thoughtful behaviour. The individual needs of all children can be carefully nurtured and developed in this friendly environment and we pride ourselves on being a fully inclusive and very successful Setting.

Parents interested to learn more about The Robin Room to better support their child’s learning, are welcome to arrange with Staff to come into the Centre during their child’s session at any convenient time. Help with the daily cookery sessions is always encouraged. At all times the Centre aims to work in active partnership with parents in the continuous process of each child’s education and to guide children through the Early Years Foundation Stage Programme which prepares them for the National Curriculum and links with locals Primary and Independent Schools.