Worcester Early Years Centre – a day with Alice

Author: Tricia Wellings

If ever we were concerned about the future for early years and the traditions for which we stand as a nation we should take a leaf out of Alice Bennett’s book. Today I went to the Service of Dedication and Blessing of her new Worcester Early Years Centre and what a treat that was. The ceremony was steeped in tradition and took me back to my own schools days of special assemblies. For special it truly was and I felt privileged to have been invited to take part. With a full Order of Service we were blessed not only by Reverend David Martin but by the Bishop of Worcester himself. Robin Walker, MP was in attendance as a guest and memories of his visiting the site of Bennetts Farm in the arms of his father Peter Walker then MP some 30 plus years ago were made. The choir from the local Primary School sang us some wonderful songs and were treated with Bennetts Ice Cream we even had a solo number from an old girl of Alice’s first Early Years Centre, Madresfield, who was all grown up and now training in early years herself.

The day though was all about family, community and the children. Not only Alice’s family, who have supported her at every level, but the family of friends; colleagues: staff, past and present and children. Thanks were given from those who have known and been with Alice from her first days in early years and notably are still here and Alice was thankful to everyone who had played a part in building the dream.

Her centre and indeed Alice herself are an inspiration for us all. She demands and delivers exceptional and yes Outstanding quality and listening to her passion and desire for children one cannot help but admire her. She has incredible drive and what seems like endless energy. Her centre is amazing and I am delighted that we are starting our delivery of Early Years Training there from January, timetable will follow. I hope we can work towards having open days for practitioners far and wide so that we can all be inspired to become more than we currently are. Well done Alice and thank you for including me.

Opening Ceremony - 6th November 2015