Baby Care


The charming brick built building has been sympathetically restored to create a beautiful calming atmosphere for young babies with far reaching views of the river Severn and Malvern Hills. The unit sits within the 200 acres of Bennett’s Dairy Farm offering babies a wealth of opportunity for daily walks and the wider environment.

The Baby Care Department mirrors that of the Awarding winning Hayswood Lodge at Madresfield Early Years in Malvern, the sister site to Worcester Early Years Centre.


As a Department we pride ourselves on the:


  • Highly qualified and experienced Staff Team
  • Individualised patterns of care routines
  • Termly bookings and invoices
  • Flexible Holiday bookings as optional extra
  • No retainer costs for school holidays
  • 24 places only
  • Excellent security arrangements
  • Direct telephone to the Baby Care Staff
  • Daily liaison and consultation with parents and detailed handover at pick up
  • Large open plan building
  • Spacious and well lit day rooms
  • Monitored ‘Butterfly’ themed sleep room with subdued lighting and black out blinds
  • Wide range of physical, tactile and sensory equipment
  • Freshly prepared farm house meals with all dietary needs catered for/Baby Led weaning supported
  • Daily walks within the grounds and along the river in prams and pushchairs
  • Exciting views of the farm, dairy herd, wildlife and tractors/wagons
  • Weekly activities at the main building to include Baby Gym, Music, Clamber Club and Story Sessions
  • Careful and personalized transition for babies into the Toddler department when ready

We welcome babies into the Baby Care Department after a careful and detailed consultation with parents/carers. Staff members ensure each baby receives that all important individualized attention as well as maintaining daily routines of feeds and sleeps as set out by parents/carers.

The brightly decorated day room has la wide variety of equipment and toys for babies to engage with encouraging development across all areas, whilst feeling secure, safe and nurtured. There is sensory soft play equipment, imaginative circus tent, mirrors, wooden interactive wall displays, books, variety of rattles, treasure baskets and a variety of wonderful mats and cushions to kick around on! There are various wall hangings, mobiles, wall art and sun catchers hanging from the wonderful beams to stimulate the babies in their wakeful times and cruising children can enjoy the wooden kitchen area or mirrored triangular tunnel.

Staff are experienced well qualified and carefully selected for their particular skills and attributes for young babies. All staff complete a Paediatric First Aid course every three years as well as Safe Guarding Training, Basic Food Hygiene and many more specialized training programmes.

A large Sleep Room enables babies
to be peaceful but carefully
monitored as they sleep

All of the staff team are responsible for the care of all the babies within the unit however each member of staff is assigned to a few babies and will be known as their key-person. A key-person’s main role is to build a special relationship with their key-children and really get to know their babies and develop a bond. As well as this they observe their babies on a weekly basis in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage. Planning is done from these observations to ensure all of the areas of development are being covered within the unit.

Daily walks around the farm and wider environment are an integral part of Worcester Early Years Centre. The babies thrive on the fresh air and love going out to see the cows and the older children playing at the main school as well as the boats and swans by the riverside. We include the babies as much as we can in the main school joining in with such activities as Clamber Club in the main gym, story sessions with the older children and garden activities and music. Babies are invited to join in with assembly in the main hall or the annual Campfire Assembly where they can watch and listen to a variety of stories and songs with the older children from the comfort of their pram or pushchair.

Feed and meal times are a special time within the Baby Care Department. Milk feeds, drinks and weaning foods can be provided by parents/carers and refrigerated space is allocated for this. When children are ready and after full consultation with parents, they can be introduced to freshly prepared farm house meals. These are cooked daily up in the main building kitchen and can be liquidised or mashed according to each child’s specific needs. Constant liaison and communication with parents ensures that weaning routines and the transfer to solids is a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Menus and ingredients lists are available on noticeboards and on the website for parents’ information. Special diets can be carefully catered for. Parents are encouraged to chat with the staff team and the Centre cook to ensure that their baby’s individual requirements are well met and monitored.

Staff members document nappy changing, feed times, weaning and mealtimes, sleep patterns as well as chatting to parents/carers at pick up time about their child’s day.


Places in the Baby Care Department are booked and invoiced on a termly basis. This is a unique selling point of the sister site at Madresfield which will continue here at Worcester. The three half term weeks and holiday periods can be booked separately on a pay-as -you -go basis or alternatively babies can spend time at home with no financial penalty or retainer costs to pay. Our aim is to be fully flexible with parents so that the changing patterns of work or holidays can be effectively catered for. Our terms are particularly popular for teachers who can book Baby Care for a term time only basis at a very economic rate.

Places in the Baby Care Department will be in great demand and we urge parents/parents-to be or carers to contact us as early as possible for an initial chat and to arrange a date to have a tour of the Department and to meet the staff team. We look forward to welcoming you and your baby to discuss your personal requirements.